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The Dj-Producer Kon Cept, making productions, plays music, writes
songs sings.
He has worked with many renowned artists as
singer, composer, songwriter as a producer own
remix released successfully.

In 2007 Kon Cept named Constantine Pappas, remix and
sang big hit ” IF A DAY SE HASO ”. At same
year participated in a festival of music singing in Malta
representing Greece where he won second place in 2008
music competition in Serbia won fourth place.

He has since visited many countries like France, MonteKarlo,
Spain, Lebanon, Germany, Switzerland, England, Greece, Cyprus has
play music in great Club.

In early 2011 modifies ” YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME ”.
Older success of Bon Jovi.

In November 2011 released single ” I’m In Love ”. Another
possible dance ‘song with elements tantalise listeners
Since beginning of song. Title loud like song.
Vocal participates ” Ana ”. a anerchomeni
melodious voice that Kon Cept trusted by
first time.

By beginning of 2012 Kon Cept collaborates with talented
singer Olga Venetian adaptation of song ” A you
word ”. Another favorite song of decade of 70
takes quite another form. Strong growth, dreamy Cynthia
progressive sounds make song quite interesting. song
This was beginning of cooperation kon Cept with Olga

June 2012 song ” A sea blue ” is released. Even a cover
hit 80s song participates in the
favorite all Bessy Argyraki that prototragoudise singing the
80s song has very summery style mood
is one of big hits of summer.

In July 2012 in music, lyrics production of same
released song entitled ” Summer Love (Let’s get loud) ”.
Optimistic title like whole song.
Vocal participates Helena Panayi.
Like title of song so video clip is highly
summer, with people enjoying themselves on beaches, catamarans clubs,
while decks is Kon Cept.

The song ” little man ” is still a cover made by Kon Cept enjoyed great success
radios Club previous months in Greece
Cyprus in his first form with Joseph Marinakis Elena Anagiotou vocals.
In Oktovrio 2012 song ‘homunculus (For not m’afinete quiet)’ officially released
a new Radio Remix.
With new sound, altered orchestration Olga
Venetian vocals
song makes it even more highly world to identify and
sing lyrics
” For not m’afinete quiet, let me quiet all …. “.
The song managed to reach up to No.3 of Greek airplay chart.

Summer 2013 song ” KaRaGioz ” released in collaboration with Planetworks. Highly dance song that invites people in an endless party. Listening to song you know where they got song titled ” KaRaGioz ” after godfather song is Dionysis Savvopoulos.

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